How to Build Professional Networking for Your Job Career

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Some people think that building networking is a less important thing and is usually done when there is need. Why don’t we use something that can provide new opportunities, jobs, and insights for free?

IWG (International Workplace Group) vice president of sales for the ASEAN region, Taiwan and South Korea, Lars Wittig, gave seven reasons why we also have to build networking in the world of work. Here tips from HHRMA Job Career

As a stepping stone for work

An easy way to build a career network is to target sites of professionals like LinkedIn. Basically, LinkedIn is considered a “Tinder” for professionals, providing opportunities to collaborate and find jobs and colleagues both in the short and long term. Besides that, of course we want to “swipe right” when we get new opportunities.

Networking makes us easy to find

For all types of businesses, SMEs in particular, ensuring that our company is easy to find can be a very difficult thing to do. Whether it’s digital using keywords or in real life, sticking out from a crowd of competitors can be very difficult. That’s where networking is needed. Another convenience is opening opportunities for cooperation offers.

Free advice from professionals

In today’s age of sophistication, knowledge is a key. Especially when that knowledge comes from reliable and professional sources.

Don’t be lazy to attend social events or join a professional profession in one profession. The more professionals we meet and know through networking sessions, the easier we are to ask for advice.

Work will be more fun if done together

We spend time working. However, everything depends on the task at hand and the people who do it. However, most, there will be a lot of fun that can be obtained when working with colleagues we like. Sometimes, your individual business can be done with a work group in a shared workspace.

Increase self-confidence

Meeting new people in a professional environment can be very scary, which is why going to a networking event is something very valuable. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so the more networking activities we do, the more accustomed to meeting other people. And, over time, it’s easier to reap the benefits of what we sow.

Providing the best reasons for socializing

In some shared workspace providers socialization activities are often held. With a variety of networking activities, of course, we can give us more social event ideas that allow us to meet new people in the community where we are.

Networking is a fun thing

Besides the many positive sides of networking, it is also very important to go out and have fun by meeting new people. We might get an idea or open the next big business opportunity or make friends who will last forever. Everything can come true, that is the miracle of networking in the world of work and in the world of friendship.

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