Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

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Tips – Wherever your workplace is (office, factory, home, school, shop or restaurant), you will experience stress. There is no way you can get rid of stress completely. In fact, a little stress is necessary to motivate you at work. But too much stress, however, can have a devastating effect on your health both mentally and physically.

So the key is to learn how to manage your stress.

The causes for job-related stress in today’s work climate are numerous. The tough competitions of 21st century demand all employees and managers alike to have highest efficiency. That’s to achieve more with less or getting more from the same level of resources.

Besides the hectic work environment, many of us have a family to take care of as well. Therefore, it’s small wonder that our stress levels will mount if we don’t know how to manage it. Stress management is more important than ever if we are to survive the 21st century lifestyle.

Below are some stress management tips to help you reduce stress at work…

1. Learn to improve your time management and organization skills. The idea is to get the more important things done first. In order to help you do that, you need to get a to-do-list and write down what are the important tasks you need to get done today. Write these down before you start your daily activities and refer to the list as you go about your daily works.

2. Learn to say “no” and delegate tasks. Make a list of jobs you can delegate and to whom. Set realistic goals, review them regularly and take steps towards them. When you’re clear about your own goals, it’s easier to say “no” respectfully to anything that doesn’t help you move closer to your goals.

3. Learn to breathe properly. This is a very old technique but it’s still worth mentioning, simply because it works! Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount or work you have, try to breathe deeply through your nose. Your stomach should expand slightly as you inhale and flatten as you exhale. Feel the air through your nostril. This simple exercise is very effective, it relaxes and helps put your mind back into a perspective.

4. Learn to lighten up. Don’t allow your past mistakes to get into your way, it’s alright to learn from your past but don’t dwell on it. Dwelling on your past will give you negative emotions. And stop trying to live in the future. You can set goals to be accomplished… but actions are to be taken NOW in order to accomplish your goals. So live life today!

5. Learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Life is not only work, there is also a need for social relations, recreation, time for family and time for relax. Living a balanced life is the key. Set out time for regular exercise, family and recreation. Adopt healthy diet in your life and give yourself enough time for rest.

6. Spend more time with positive people. Don’t let negative people to drag you down to their levels. Associate more with positive people so that you can have more positive outlook in life.

These are just few stress management techniques you can use to reduce stress at work.

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